• SanDisk Ultra microSD Card 32GB Class10 C10

Sandisk 32GB TF (Micro SD) Card, can be use on any devices which support TF Card, like FPVBOX DVR, GoPro 3


Expand the capacity of your mobile device storage with the Sandisk Ultra MicroSD Memory Card 32GB Class 10. Compatible with a range of smart phone, tablet and MP3 players, the Sandisk also specially caters for Android devices.
Android Compatible
Not only is the Sandisk Memory Card compatible with Android devices, but it includes a Sandisk Memory Zone App for Android, to help store your information and organise it with ease, in accordance with the Android OS.
Life Proof
The Sandisk Memory Card will be able to take a beating and still come out the other side, with a waterproof, x-ray proof, temperature proof, and shockproof design. Don't coddle your memory card, know that it can keep up with your life, with the Sandisk Ultra.
Fast Speed
The Sandisk card boasts a fast data speed, so that saving images or videos to the memory card doesn't take as long, letting you go about your business without waiting for your memory card to catch up.
Large Capacity
You won't have to worry about running out of space with the enormous 32GB capacity, meaning that you have plenty of room for music, photos and videos without having to switch it out for another memory card.

SanDisk Ultra microSD Card 32GB Class10 C10

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